Hugging since 1996

Canadian creators Ayrlie MacEachern and Jessie Steinberg are the co-founders of HUGS for L.I.F.E. Inc.

The idea of the HUG scarf was inspired by a wall hanging. As an expression of love and friendship, Jessie created the first HUG scarves so that she could give her friends a HUG that they could always carry with them. Ayrlie was one of the friends to receive an original HUG.

When Ayrlie came up with the name HUGS for L.I.F.E. they knew that something magical was about to happen that would set them on the path to making their dreams a reality.

Support from their family and friends and inspiring feedback from their customers was instrumental and helped them pull out all the stops and follow their hearts.

Mission Statement

To provide an opening for people to express love and friendship through the giving and receiving of a HUG.

As these possibilities open, an opportunity for transforming one's self, community, nation and world becomes possible, beginning with one's contribution to another.