A fleece sleeping bag for your bundle of joy to cuddle in — Cuddle Bags for kids! Our Cuddle Bag comes with a zippered stuff sack that can be used as a pillow or as a toy, book, diaper or sleepover bag.

Our Cuddle Bags are great for:

Snuggly times at home
Naptime at daycare
Strolls in the park
Long car rides
Sleepovers with friends
Those little cover kickers

Cuddle Bags are available in assorted colours and patterns. (Patterns and colours are subject to availability.)

All of our Cuddle Bags are made in Canada.

Cuddle Bags $30 Cdn.
Custom Labeling
If you would like to create a custom order for your store, your company or for a special occasion, we can have your own personalized label sewn on to any of our HUGS products. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

Patterns (check our Facebook page for current availability)