Our HUG scarves are made out of arctic fleece and have large stylized hands on each end. They are designed as a simple gift full of meaning. So, when you gift a HUG to someone you care about, each time they put on their scarf it's like you are there giving them a warm fuzzy hug!

Our HUG scarves are an expression of:

Your love and affection
The fun of friendship
Thanks and appreciation
Congratulations for all occasions
Your heartfelt sympathy
Much needed encouragement
Random acts of kindness

Every HUG scarf comes with a gift tag with a poem about hugs inside.

All of our HUGS scarves are made in Canada.

Big HUGS $15 Cdn.
Colours & Patterns


Kiddo HUGS $10 Cdn.
Colours & Patterns
Custom Labeling
If you would like to create a custom order for your store, your company or for a special occasion, we can have your own personalized label sewn on to any of our HUGS products. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

Patterns (check our Facebook page for current availability)